SG; Syria; Libya

SG: Today the SG travels to Haiti to launch the “Total Sanitation Campaign” and inaugurate the “Sports for Hope” Centre. The SG will then travel to the DR to meet with Government officials and visit the country’s “Quisqueya sin Miseria” anti-poverty program.

Syria: The SG welcomed Resolution 2165 which permits the delivery of aid through four border crossings to the three million Syrians lacking access to food and basic healthcare.

Libya: The SG expressed concern over the increase in violence following an incident at Libya’s airport yesterday. He called on all parties to engage in dialogue to agree on a peaceful way forward. UNSMIL continues to reduce its staff in the region until security conditions improve.

Middle East: Referencing the worsening situation in the Gaza Strip, the SG urged both Israeli and Palestinian sides to end the violence and work towards peace and security. The Commissioner-General for UNRWA travelled to Gaza today and reported that 174 people have been killed, 1,100 have been wounded, and 17,000 refugees remain displaced in UNRWA’s premises.

Afghanistan: UNAMA welcomed the agreement of the two Presidential candidates in Afghanistan to break the electoral impasse. The agreement includes an audit of the election run-off and the formation of a government of national unity following the final election results.

South Sudan: UNMISS reported artillery explosions and small-arms fire yesterday in South Sudan. The Mission is protecting 97,000 displaced civilians across the country and continues to urge all parties to abide by agreements to cease hostile actions and end the violence.

Somalia: CERF allocated $1.4 million  toward an emergency campaign to combat measles in Somalia. The funding will vaccinate half a million children under five years of age.

New Climate Change Envoy: The SG appointed Mary Robinson of Ireland as the Special Envoy on Climate Change. Robinson will play a major role in mobilizing Heads of State and Governments ahead of the SG’s 2014 Climate Summit in September.

Malala Day: Today marks “Malala Day” in honor of 17-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai’s heroic stand against the Taliban to ensure education for all, especially girls.