Somalia is on the Brink of Famine

The last famine in 2011 killed over 260,000 people. “Somalia is on the brink of its second famine in six years, with drought already killing people in the north and crisis looming on a catastrophic scale, the United Nations said on Thursday. ‘In six months, we’ll be facing a catastrophe and a famine on a scale we cannot imagine, if we don’t act right now,’ the U.N.’s humanitarian coordinator for Somalia, Peter de Clercq, said in a press conference in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. ‘We have the first anecdotal evidence of deaths, in Somaliland in particular, as a result of the drought,’ he said, referring to the semi-autonomous northern part of the country. The majority of the population in Somalia now needs emergency aid, as the number of people short of food has risen to 6.2 million from 5 million in September, the U.N. said.” (Reuters

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