South Asian Quake a ‘Logistical Nightmare’

“The logistical challenge of reaching the hundreds
of thousands of people in desperate need of assistance
after an earthquake struck Pakistan, northern India and
Afghanistan on 8 October is one of the toughest the
aid world has ever faced.”

BBC: “The UN says the shortfall in aid for victims of the South Asian quake has made the relief situation worse than after last December’s tsunami.

UN emergency relief chief, Jan Egeland, said the organisation had never seen such a “logistical nightmare.”

Nato began flying in 900 tonnes of aid on Thursday, but Mr Egeland said a massive airlift was also needed to bring people out of remote areas. Pakistan says nearly 50,000 people died in areas under its control.

Local officials put casualties far higher, and the number is expected to rise. At least 1,400 others died in Indian-administered Kashmir, officials say.”