Sri Lanka at the Security Council–Or Not

British Foriegn Minister David Miliband co-hosted a meeting at the Security Council yesterday on the crisis in Sri Lanka.  The gathering, though, was not technically a meeting of the Security Council because Russia and China have opposed any formal Council discussions on the issue, claiming it is a matter internal to Sri Lanka.  Still, as you can see below, three members of the Security Council brought their star power to New York to draw attention to the crisis there.

David Miliband is followed by Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger and a very agitated Bernard Kouchner. 

Incidentally, I’m off to a roundtable with David Miliband in a couple of hours. You can watch it online via The Washington Note.   I do wonder if any other journalist in attendance has Sri Lanka on the mind.  I’m doubtful.   I’ll try my best to sneak in a question, though.