Contingent of Nepalese Peacekeepers Arrives in Juba from Haiti - February 2014. Photo credit: United Nations Photo

These Stories, Crises and Provocations Will Drive Diplomacy at the UN in 2017

On the line with me to preview the big stories, ideas, trends and crises and provocations that will set the agenda at the United Nations and beyond is Richard Gowen. He’s a fellow with the European Council on Foreign Affairs and a regular guest of this very podcast. We have a lively conversation about Trump’s relationship with the UN, the new incoming secretary general and more.

We recorded this conversation in late December, before the big vote on Israel settlements into which the president-elect weighed on Twitter. So that vote does not factor into this conversation. (If you want to read my full thoughts on that, check out this piece).

Issues discussed

  • How Trump’s staffing choices may affect the US relationship with the UN
  • The composition of the Security Council in 2017
  • Looming crises in South Sudan
  • What comes next in Syria
  • What kind of personal relations will Trump (the uber-capitalist) and Guterres, the (old-school socialist) form.
  • Future of the Paris Accord?

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