Stunning Picture of Oil Pipeline Fire in Syria

That was posted moments ago to the Facebook page of the US embassy in Damascus.  This is actually the second satellite photo of the Siege of Homs that the embassy has released. The first one purported to show artillery fire directed at residential neighborhoods.

Ambassador Ford, who left Syria a few weeks ago, wrote the following note to accompany this picture:

While we cannot determine who is responsible for setting the fire, we do know that there are many innocent Syrians who are suffering the grave consequences that such immense destruction can bring. We call on the Syrian regime to allow international NGOs, medical professionals, and monitors into Syria to assist with such humanitarian crises. The same thing the UNSCR draft called for but Russia and China rejected.

There will be a great deal of diplomatic maneuvering on Syria over the next week. Later today we can expect a vote in the UN General Assembly to condemn the Assad regime. Next week will be the big show, though, when several foreign ministers meet in Tunisia for the inaugural “Friends of Syria” meeting, which is an adhoc group created to keep up the diplomatic pressure after Russia and China blocked the Security Council’s moves last week. Stay tuned.