Syria Ceasefire; DSG; OCHA

Syria Ceasefire: The SG welcomes the reported announcement of the ceasefire in Syria that will hopefully start tomorrow. The Spokesperson noted that everyone is watching to see what happens on Friday morning, and that it is important for all sides to adhere to the suspension of violence. Should the guns fall silent, humanitarian workers are ready to move in and convoys are ready to reach areas that have been inaccessible due to the fighting.

DSG: The DSG briefed the press in Geneva today, speaking about Syria, Mali, the MDGs and more. On Mali, he described his visit to Bamako last week, where he saw a unique sense of common purpose among the AU, ECOWAS, and UN in supporting the Malian authorities’ efforts to establish constitutional order and national unity. He discussed the UN’s work to support a political process in Mali, as well as its assistance with planning for a possible military mission.

OCHA: OCHA announced today that in Mali over five million have been affected by the humanitarian crisis in the region, and that over 1.3 million people in Pakistan are in need of food and water. Greater funding for both missions are necessary, the latter requiring $25 million for WFP alone in order to continue and extend food distributions to 700,000 people for two months. CERF has allocated $9.9 million thus far for victims of the monsoon-hit areas in Pakistan.