Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán (2016-02-17) via Wikimedia Commons

The Coronavirus Human Rights Crack Down

Human rights are being regulated

Governments around the world are using the COVID-19 pandemic to make adjustments. They’re using this time as a pretext to consolidate power, erode civil liberties, and crack down on basic human rights, such as free press.

On the line to discuss how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting rights around the world is Philippe Bolopion, deputy director for global advocacy at Human Rights Watch. We kick off discussing the example of Hungary where a parliament controlled by the illiberal Prime Minister, Viktor Orban recently passed a sweeping measure giving Orban near-dictatorial powers. We also discuss other examples of leaders invoking COVID-19 to entrench themselves in power — and what civil society groups like Human Rights Watch can do to push back against these trends.

This pandemic is revealing the true nature of many regimes around world. It is also serving as an accelerant to many negative trends in global rights that were already present before this outbreak.

If you have twenty minutes and want to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting rights around the world, have a listen.


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