This photo shows Amal who is looking at her destroyed home in Sana’a after it was hit by an airstrike in April 2015. A girl looks at her destroyed home in Sana’a, Yemen. © UNICEF/UN018341/Jahaf

The Crisis in Yemen is Getting Worse

For a brief period this fall, it appeared that the crisis in Yemen was de-escalating. Fighting had reached some of its lowest levels since 2015, when Saudi Arabia led an international coalition to intervene in Yemen’s civil war.

But any hopes that a lull in fighting could be sustained were dashed in early 2020 with a series of high profile attacks.  In February 2020 fighting in Yemen is intense — indeed as bad as it has ever been since the civil war began — if not worse. According to the United Nations, Yemen is the single worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.

On the line with me to explain this newest iteration of the conflict in Yemen is Scott Paul. He is a humanitarian policy lead with Oxfam and we spend a lot of time discussing why the crisis in Yemen is getting worse right now. For those who are not familiar with the crisis in Yemen, Scott Paul does a very good job at the start of the conversation explaining how we got to this point.

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