Video Mocking Bashar Assad Going Viral in Syrian Activist Circles

Since posting a satirical video of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, some Syrian readers have chimed in with a bit of context.  Here’s the video, uploaded to YouTube today.

The song you hear is the theme from a popular 1980s children’s cartoon called Bashar the Honeybee. That’s him:

Apparently, the cartoon was banned once Bashar came to power. Twitter user @EdwardeDarks , who edits SyriaLeaks, provides some translation and context to the video.

-Crowd chants “with our souls and our blood we protect Bashar” Bashar says “hey that’s me” clapping …

Subtitle says “Bashar says mmmm” sounds of clapping. Guy then says “the Arab world is too little you should rule the whole world”

Ending credits: “Kingdom of Syria t.v presented to you the historic address of his highness Bashar, who spent his whole life  as a nothing until his Brother Basel died. Then he became an inspirational leader and hero. if you don’t like it tough.”

Finally, adds @EdwardDark:  “You realize that school kids are made to sing praises to Bashar everyday at state schools? I was made to sing for Hafez [Assad, his father] at school.”

Here’s the original cartoon. Striking resemblance?