The WFP in Pakistan (Video)

The World Food Program is fighting an uphill battle against hunger in Pakistan. 

From the WFP:

  • In the month since the disaster struck, WFP has reached more than 2.5 million people with life-saving rations across the flooded areas, while contending with shattered infrastructure, shifting floodwaters and large numbers of people on the move across the country.
  • WFP’s operations are focused on saving lives in the flood zone – the situation remains critical. Around six million are in need of urgent food assistance.
  • WFP logistics is grappling with a constantly shifting picture, with roads passable one day and impassable the next. Many victims are congregating on main roads – causing traffic jams and slowing deliveries.  At any one time at least 550 trucks are currently transporting WFP food around the country.
  • Malnutrition is a growing threat for those affected by the floods, young children in particular. So far, WFP has reached 750,000 infants and toddlers with specialised food products such as supplementary plumpy and high-energy biscuits.
  • The airborne relief effort remains critical to reaching the over 800,000 people isolated by the floodwaters. As such, WFP has doubled its helicopter fleet to 10, adding to the 15 aircraft provided by Pakistani authorities. More helicopters are expected to join the effort as they become available.

Keep in mind, the World Food Program’s Pakistan headquarters was destroyed in a suicide bomb attack in Pakistan last year. But they are still there, delivering emergency aid to people in need–because that is what they do.