The World Economic Forum, Social Good and YOU

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland next week. This is an annual meeting of the global elite, who gather in a sleepy mountain town to discuss amongst themselves some of the great challenges facing the world. This is not to denigrate the WEF–much good has come from these confabs. But there is no denying that it is an off limits, exclusive party.

This is the Social Good Summit comes in. All day long the conveners of the Social Good Summit, including the United Nations Foundation, are holding a social media marathon to bring a peoples’ perspective to the World Economic Forum. At 3:00 EST I will be moderating a half hour google hangout to discuss some of the key challenges facing countries big and small. My guests are Krista Henry of the Fund for Peace (best known for its annual Failed States Index) and Minh-Thu Phan of the UN Foundation.

We will be discussing some of the big issues that should be on the table in Davos, including strategies for bolstering weak and insecure states and what should drive the international development agenda once the Millennium Development Goals expire next year.

Tune in. These are two sharp observers of global trends.