Photo © WFP/Leonora Baumann

These are the Top Hunger Crises to Watch in 2020 According to the UN World Food Program

At the start of the year, the World Food Program issued a forecast of where it expects to find the worst hunger crises this year. The report, called Global Hotspots 2020, identifies 15 major food emergencies that are deteriorating at an alarming rate and demand greater worldwide attention.

Arif Husain, is the Chief Economist and Director of the Food Security Analysis and Trends Service at the United Nations World Food Programme. He is on the Global Dispatches podcast to discuss what is driving food insecurity around the world and what can be done to reduce hunger worldwide.

We kick things off by discussing what is meant by “food insecurity” and also how he collects data around hunger before having a longer conversation about the relationship between climate change, conflict, migration, and food security.

If you have 20 minutes and want to learn where the World Food Program believes the world’s hunger hotspots will be this year and the consequences and causes of those food emergencies, have a listen.

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