This Gay Syrian Refugee Risked it All. And Lived to Tell His Story to the Security Council

Earlier this week the UN Security Council did something it’s never done before: it held a meeting specifically focusing on violence directed against LGBT people. The council called two witnesses, both of whom are gay men caught up in the conflict in the Middle East. The first witness was an Iraqi who spoke to the Council by phone. He spoke anonymously and from an undisclosed location because he was marked for death by ISIS.

The second witness was Subhi Nahas, a gay Syrian refugee now living in the USA. A day after addressing the Security Council, Subhi spoke with me.

The episode you are about to hear is in two parts. First, you’ll hear Subhi’s story and how he fled Syria once Al Qaeda’s affiliate, Jabat al-Nusra, took over his town. Next, you will hear from Neil Grungras, the founder of the Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration, which happens to employ Subhi. Neil helps put the situation of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers in a broader global context.

This is a powerful episode, and a profound reminder that marginalized communities deserve our support.

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