Top of the Morning: Cholera Outbreak in Nigeria

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Nigeria in the Time of (unseasonal) Cholera….An unseasonal outbreak of cholera is posing a huge risk to hundreds of thousands of people. The waterborn disease typically spikes in the rainy season, which is only just starting and there are already over 12,000 cases, with Bauchi state the worst affected. What’s the cause? Poor sanitation and lack of access to clean water.  How bad could it get? The last big outbreak in 2010 sickened over 40,000 people and killed nearly 2,000. This time, the IFRC warns: “The ongoing cholera outbreak in Touboro district in the Northern Region of Cameroon is also traced back to Bauchi State and there is a fear that cholera will now spread to all the countries in the Lake Chad area like in the major outbreak in 2010.”  Deeper Dive: IFRC

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