Top of the Morning: John Kerry in DR Congo

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Kerry in Congo…The US Secretary of State traveled to the DRC, with promises of increased US funding in tow. Secy Kerry said the USA would more than double its aid to DRC, from $12 million to $30 million. But there’s a catch! “if President Joseph Kabila fails to schedule elections for 2016 or moves to change the country’s constitutional limit of two consecutive elected presidential terms, as his political opponents fear he will do…” the funds may be cut. Other funds, as much as $100 million, that is earmarked to disarming rebels will probably not be cut. Bottom line: The USA wants to make sure Kabilla leaves as is constitutionally mandated. Deeper Dive…WaPo

Dozens Killed in Sectarian Violence in India…Police arrested 22 people after authorities called in the army to restore order in Assam state and imposed an indefinite curfew in the wake of the 29 deaths. They have been blamed on rebels from the Bodo ethnic group, who have long accused Muslim residents of coming into India illegally from neighbouring Bangladesh.” (Guardian