Top of the Morning: A Grinding, Unrelenting and Horrific Wave of Violence In Iraq

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A Grinding, Unrelenting and Horrific Wave of Violence In Iraq

Scores of people have been killed in bombings and attacks all week. “A car bomb exploded in a busy market in northeastern Iraq on Thursday, killing at least 25 people and wounding more than 30, the town’s mayor and medical sources said. Iraq is suffering its worst wave of violence in at least five years, with insurgents targeting mainly Shi’ite Muslim civilians in attacks on public places such as shopping areas and cafes…Later in the day, three bombs exploded in Baghdad’s western Amiriya district, killing seven people and wounding 18, police said. The capital has been hit by almost daily attacks since the start of the year.” (Reuters

What’s Really Going On Between CAR and Joseph Kony?

An expert offers some context and the backstory behind reports of a potential Kony surrender in the Central African Republic. “This week numerous media outlets have reported that LRA leader Joseph Kony is in ‘surrender talks’ with authorities in Central African Republic. These reports, which stem from misinterpretation of a briefing by the UN SRSG Abou Moussa and AU LRA envoy Francisco Madeira to the UN Security Council yesterday, are almost certainly false. Here’s more of the real story, based on interviews I conducted in Bangui in late October 2013 and insight from other LRA experts.” (Resolve