Top of the Morning: Army to Morsi: Your time is up. Morsi to Army: Not Yet!

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Army to Morsi: Your time is up. Morsi to Army: Not Yet!

The clock is ticking on the army’s ultimatum that Morsi address the protesters demands by Wednesday or face being sidelined by the army. Morsi has rejected the army’s ultimatum and called for calm as protesters have begun to clash in major cities across the country. “In a 45-minute address on state television, Mr Morsi said he respected the right to peaceful protest, but said respect for the constitutional order was the ‘only guarantee against further bloodshed’. He blamed the unrest on corruption and remnants of the ousted regime of Hosni Mubarak, and called for protesters to respect the rule of law. Mr Morsi urged the establishment of a committee of reconciliation as well as a charter of ethics for the media, and said he was prepared to meet all groups and individuals as part of a national dialogue process.” (BBC

Nearly 50 Killed in Bomb Attacks Across Iraq

Iraq is in the midst of an unrelenting campaign of sectarian violence. “The deadliest assault took place in the predominantly Shi’ite Shaab neighborhood of northern Baghdad, where two car bombs killed eight people. There were also explosions in the mainly Shi’ite districts of Abu Dsheer, Kamaliya, Tobchi and Shula. Sunni Muslims were the apparent targets of blasts in Amriya and Abu Ghraib, on the city’s western outskirts.” (Voice of America

Optimistic End to Obama’s Africa Tour

And that’s a wrap! ”Over a week of travel, Obama highlighted democratic progress and the importance of civil society and human rights in Senegal. He held up South Africa’s democratic transition and progress against HIV/AIDS as a model for Africa, met family members of critically ill former president Nelson Mandela, and underscored the role of Africa’s youth in building the future. As he left Tanzania he said he was inspired, and convinced that ‘with the right approach Africa and its people can unleash a new era of prosperity.’” (Voice of America