Top of the Morning: Clashes Mark Anniversary of Egypt Revolution; Mali Rebel Group Splits

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Mali Rebel Group Splits

There’s been a schism in one of Mali’s strongest Islamist rebel groups. “One wing of Mali’s Ansar Dine rebel group has split off to create its own movement, saying that they want to negotiate a solution to the crisis in Mali in a declaration that indicates at least some of the members of the al-Qaida-linked group are searching for an exit in the wake of French airstrikes. Former Ansar Dine leader Alghabass Ag Intalla said in a statement, published Thursday by French radio RFI, that the group will be called the Islamic Movement for the Azawad, a Tuareg term fornorthern Mali. Intalla said the group is looking for a ‘negotiated solution,’ and he added that his men are willing to fight their former comrades-in-arms in Ansar Dine.” (Yahoo

Clashes Mark Leadup to Second Anniversary of Egyptian Revolution

Today is the unofficial start of the two year anniversary of the revolution, and all is not well. “Egyptian security forces have fired tear gas and protesters hurled stones and Molotov cocktails in a day-long demonstration, raising fears of a violent anniversary of the 2011 uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak. Youth activists and opposition groups have called for large rallies on the anniversary on Friday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and in front of the president palace in the Heliopolis suburb. Thursday’s clashes, which left dozens injured, began after protesters in central Cairo tried to tear down a cement wall built to prevent them from reaching the parliament and the Cabinet building. ‘Down with Mohamed Morsi,’ some demonstrators shouted in reference to the president. ‘Down with the power of the [Supreme] Guide’ of the Muslim Brotherhood, from whose ranks Morsi was elected last June.” (Al Jazeera