Top of the Morning: Floating Pig Carcasses Threaten Shanghai Water Supply; DRC Pushes for Peace Deal With Rebels

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Thousands of Floating Pig Carcasses Threaten Shanghai Water Supply

There seems to be some sort of plague killing massive numbers of pigs in the region. “More than 2,800 pig carcasses have been discovered floating in a river that runs through Shanghai and feeds into its tap water supply, according to China’s state media. The number of dead pigs found in the Huangpu river rose from a few dozen on Thursday to more than 1,200 on Sunday, and again to over 2,813 on Monday afternoon as the city’s cleanup effort intensified. While the cause of the incident is still under investigation, water quality tests along the river have identified traces of porcine circovirus, a virus that can affect pigs but not humans. No signs of other diseases such as E. coli, foot and mouth disease, or hog cholera have been found, and authorities say the city’s tap water is still safe to drink.” (Guardian

DRC Pushes for Peace Deal With Rebels

A deal could be signed by March 15, but some of the M23 rebels are somewhat cool to the proposal so far. “Democratic Republic of Congo said on Monday it would give eastern rebels amnesty and positions in the army if they agree by the end of this week to lay down their arms, but a rebel leader said more talks were needed…The proposed deal is similar to previous attempts at ending the recurrent conflicts in Congo’s mineral-rich east, where local politics, ethnic rivalries and tensions with neighbouring Rwanda have simmered for nearly two decades. But the insurgency has since split into two factions that have turned their guns on each other, playing into the hands of Congo’s government even as it complicates on-off peace negotiations in neighbouring Uganda.” (Alertnet