Top of the Morning: Iraq War Deaths Approach 500,000

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New Study: Iraq War Related Deaths Top 500,000

Academic research from reputable institutions shows a much higher death count than previous estimates. “Researchers estimated there were 405,000 excess Iraqi deaths attributable to the war through mid-2011. They also attempted to account for deaths missed because families had fled the country, and estimated 55,805 total deaths, bringing the total to nearly 461,000. About 70 percent of Iraq deaths from 2003-2011 were violent in nature, with most caused by gunshots, followed by car bombs and other explosions, said the study. Coalition forces were blamed for 35 percent of violent deaths; militias were blamed for 32 percent. The rest were either unknown (21 percent), criminals (11 percent) or Iraqi forces (one percent). (AFP

Why Tech Giants Are Starting to Invest in Africa

An interesting story about how international tech players see an opportunity. “Africa is booming, with growth of 5.6% predicted for 2013,according to the World Bank – although research suggests this has yet to trickle down to the very poorest on the continent. The middle class in sub-Saharan Africa is expanding rapidly. With the seemingly unstoppable growth of the mobile phone, greater access to the internet, and an increase in access to education, change is happening, and more people have more disposable income to spend.” (BBC