Top of the Morning: London Conference on Somalia Kicks Off

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Syria ‘Civil War’ Risks Turning into Regional Conflict

The Israeli strikes signal a new international phase of this conflict. “Concerns flared about whether Hezbollah might attack Israel in retaliation, possibly drawing Lebanon into the conflict. Israel deployed two of its Iron Dome missile-defense batteries in its northern cities. Iran’s IRNA news agency said Israel could expect a ‘crushing’ retaliation from Syria or ‘the resistance,’ meaning Hezbollah. Analysts said Syria, weakened by the conflict, and Hezbollah, overstretched as it commits more forces to support the Syrian government, were unlikely to act, but they cautioned that a miscalculation by either side that set off an escalation could not be ruled out.” (NYTimes

London Conference on Somalia Kicks Off

After 20 years of strife, Somalia is just getting back on its feet and needs some help from the international community. That’s what this conference is all about. “The British Foreign Office says more than 50 international partner countries and organizations have been invited to Tuesday’s conference, co-hosted by the British and Somali governments. Participants are slated to discuss the Somali government’s plans for developing the armed forces, the justice sector and other institutions weakened during more than 20 years of chaos that followed the ousting of President Siad Barre in 1991.” (Voice of America