Top of the Morning: Nelson Mandela Back in Hospital

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Nelson Mandela Back in Hospital

The 94-year-old is back in the hospital with a lung infection. “‘It’s time to let him go,’ reads the main headline in South Africa’s Sunday Times this morning. It quotes Nelson Mandela’s friend and fellow struggle veteran Andrew Mlangeni, urging Mandela’s family to ‘release him spiritually and put their faith in the hands of God’. But in most other local papers, the frail Nelson Mandela’s latest hospitalisation is treated – as one might, perhaps, expect after so many previous ‘scares’ – with far less sense of drama.” (BBC

UK Hosts New Pact to Fight Malnutrition

 In advance of the G8 Summit next week, the UK played host to a major conference on ending malnutrition. “The participants – who signed a Global Nutrition for Growth Compact – committed their countries and organisations by 2020 to: improving the nutrition of 500 million pregnant women and young children; reducing the number of children under five who are stunted by an additional 20 million, saving the lives of at least 1.7 million children by preventing stunting, increasing breastfeeding and better treatment of severe and acute malnutrition…Donors have today secured new commitments of up to £2.7 billion ($4.15 billion) to tackle undernutrition up to 2020.” (UK Government