Top of the Morning: Nutrition Crisis in Northern Cameroon

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Nutrition Crisis in Northern Cameroon Exacerbated by Boko Haram Conflict

 Aid agencies are sounding an alarm. “Some 100,000 children, including Nigerian refugees fleeing attacks from the extremist sect Boko Haram, are suffering from acute malnutrition in northern Cameroon. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Health officials and UN agencies have been visiting the children and are promising assistance…Dr. Ndansi Elvis said the crisis is aggravated because refugees have to compete with the local population for food and water. ‘These people come and there is competition for food. And when there is competition for food, there is also limited supply and the prices go up.’” (VOA

Inspection Reports Details Hazards at Bangladeshi Factories

The reports are sent to the brands and to the factory owners. A key question is whether factories will close pending safety upgrades, and whether workers will get paid. “The inspection reports on the first 10 factories, which were released Tuesday and contain an unusual level of detail, found that some factories lacked adequate fire doors, did not have required sprinkler systems and had dangerously high weight loads on several floors. The announced inspections were done through the Bangladesh Accord Foundation, a group of 150 clothing brands and retailers from more than 20 countries that plans to inspect 1,500 Bangladesh garment factories by early September.”  (NYT