Top of the Morning: Persecution of Burma’s Muslims amounts to “Ethnic Cleansing”; Graft Costs Uganda Big Time

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Human Rights Watch: Persecution of Burma’s Muslims amounts to “Ethnic Cleansing”

Human Rights Watch goes there. “The 153-page report, ‘“All You Can Do is Pray”: Crimes Against Humanity and Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Burma’s Arakan State,’ describes the role of the Burmese government and local authorities in the forcible displacement of more than 125,000 Rohingya and other Muslims and the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Burmese officials, community leaders, and Buddhist monks organized and encouraged ethnic Arakanese backed by state security forces to conduct coordinated attacks on Muslim neighborhoods and villages in October 2012 to terrorize and forcibly relocate the population. The tens of thousands of displaced have been denied access to humanitarian aid and been unable to return home.” (Human Rights Watch

Graft Has Consequences: Uganda Edition

Uganda’s aid from international donors will fall by 93% in the 2013-4 fiscal year. “According to a budget framework paper seen by Reuters on Monday, direct support from foreign donors to East Africa’s third largest economy will fall by 93 percent to 50 billion shillings ($19.57 million) in the 2013/2014 fiscal year. At least five western countries including Uganda’s biggest bilateral donor, Britain, have suspended aid to President Yoweri Museveni’s government after allegations $13 million of such money was stolen by officials in the prime minister’s office.” (AlertNet