Top of the Morning: Philippines Typhoon Relief Operations

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Philippines Disaster 

The aircraft carrier USS George Washington and a contingent of seven other US Navy ships have arrived in the Philippines to begin helping with disaster relief operations. (VOA

The Philippine government is racing to bring food and water to some communities that have seen little aid six days after a punishing super typhoon battered the central islands. (VOA

All UK partners delivering humanitarian aid to the Philippines are now required to assess the risk of violence against women and girls and address their needs in their operations. (Guardian

Workers in Tacloban buried scores of unidentified bodies in a hillside mass burial Thursday as desperately needed aid began to reach some of the half-million people displaced by the disaster. (AP

WHO Unveils New Roadmap to Stop Malaria and Speed Up Vaccine Research

Malaria infects hundreds of millions of people every year and causes well over a half million deaths. The WHO and its partners announced a new goal to license vaccines by 2030 that would sharply reduce malaria cases and eventually eliminate the disease. “The 2013 Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap was unveiled in Washington. It expands the scope of vaccine research, calling for vaccines that can reduce malaria cases by 75 percent and that are suitable for use in all endemic-areas. Malaria affects nearly 100 countries and territories, with a particularly heavy burden in sub-Saharan Africa.” (VOA