Top of the Morning: Rwanda Genocide Commemorated Today

Top of the Morning from DAWNS Digest. 

It Was 20 Years Ago….Rwanda and the International Community is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide today. Who will attend? There is an official ceremony in Kigali attended by world leaders, including Ban Ki Moon. Samantha Power is leading the US delegation, and is stopping in Kigali as part of a regional trip that includes a stop in Central African Republic. Who will not be there? France. In an interview on Sunday, Paul Kagame accused France of complicity in the genocide, further straining relations between the countries. Best stories on the genocide’s legacy in the region and Rwanda today? “Paul Kagame Doesn’t Give a Damn” by Buzzfeed’s Jina Moore; “A Good Man in Rwanda” by BBC’s Mark Doyle; “A Puzzling Tale of Growth and Political Repression, from the Guardian’s Datablog

And UN Dispatch will be commemorating the genocide with a series of posts today.

What You Need to Know About the Afghan Elections…1) They were much less violent than feared. 2) They are the first post Karzai elections, so the field is wide open…. “The leading candidates going into the vote were Ashraf Ghani, 64, a technocrat and former official in Mr. Karzai’s government; Abdullah Abdullah, 53, a former foreign minister who was the second biggest vote-getter against Mr. Karzai in the 2009 election; and Zalmay Rassoul, 70, another former foreign minister. 3) It will be a long time until we find out who wins.  New York Times

 Credit: Unburied bones of victims of the Rwandan genocide at a memorial centre. Image by Flickr user DFID – UK Department for International Development (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).