Top of the Morning: Thailand Protests Get Intense

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Thailand Protests Get Real

 A key question is whether or not the Thai military may get involved on the side of the protesters. “Protesters seeking to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra disrupted voting in Thailand’s general election on Sunday in what appeared to be a prelude to a period of continued political paralysis in the country. Opposition forces, who represent a minority in the country and are seeking to replace the country’s elected government with an appointed council of technocrats, say they will challenge the elections in the courts while continuing their street demonstrations in Bangkok.” (NYT

Election Season in Afghanistan Officially Kicks Off

Alas, the Taliban have vowed to disrupt the election.  “The race to become Afghan’s next president officially kicked off on Sunday, two months before voters decide a contest already plagued by violence and fraud but still the country’s best hope of a somewhat stable future. If it goes smoothly the April election will produce the first ever peaceful, democratic transition of power in Afghanistan: incumbent Hamid Karzai is barred from standing again. The historic nature of the vote underlines both what is at stake, and the enormity of the challenge in a country crippled by poverty and a raging insurgency even after more than a decade of international intervention.” (Guardian