Top of the Morning: Uganda Gets More Regressive

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Uganda Gets More Regressive 

A new law passed in Uganda will effectively makes street protests illegal. “The ‘Public Order Management Bill’ was passed five days after opposition lawmakers staged a fierce attempt to filibuster its passage amid concerns it gives Ugandan police dictatorial powers to decide who can stage a public event of a political nature. Amnesty International said Monday that the legislation ‘represents a serious blow to open political debate’ in a country that is seeing more and more protests against President Yoweri Museveni, who has held power for nearly three decades.”  (AP

Americans Evacuated from Yemen

Super tense times for the US in the Middle East. “The State Department on Tuesday ordered the evacuation of much of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen and urged all Americans to leave the country following an al-Qaeda threat that triggered the shutdown of diplomatic outposts across the Muslim world and Africa. On the same day that Air Force aircraft were flying Americans out of Yemen, a suspected U.S. drone targeted a moving car in the impoverished nation’s Marib province, killing four alleged al-Qaeda militants, according to a Yemeni security official who spoke on condition of anonymity.” (WaPo

What The World’s Most Vulnerable People Want Out of Post-2015 Development Agenda 

Equality! “Equality before the law, corruption-free government, inclusiveness, gender equality, and respect for the environment are among the priorities for any future set of development goals, according to some of the world’s most marginalised people. The issues emerged during an exercise designed to provide a ‘reality check’ before a special UN session on the millennium development goals (MDGs) and the targets that should replace them when they expire in 2015.” (Guardian