Top of the Morning: USA Suspends Bangladesh’s Favored Trade Status

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US Suspends Bangladesh’s Favored Trade Status

The United States is suspending long-time trade benefits for Bangladesh until the country makes progress on poor workers’ safety conditions. “The U.S. sanction does not directly affect Bangladesh’s multi-billion-dollar clothing exports to the United States, which came under scrutiny after the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory building in April that killed 1,129 people and the Tazreen factory fire in November that killed 112. But it could influence the European Union to take similar action, which would have a much bigger impact on Bangladesh and its garment sector.” (Reuters

Human Rights Watch: CAR Rebel Forces Have Burned Villages and Killed Scores

Its one of the most ignored humanitarian catastrophes in the world, and there is new evidence of crimes against humanity. “Human Rights Watch researchers travelled to Bangui and the provinces of Mbomou in the southeast and Gribingui and Ouham in the north. Human Rights Watch was able to confirm that in attacks on 34 villages and towns, primarily carried out by Seleka fighters from February 11 to June 2, more than 1,000 houses had been burned and at least 40 civilians killed. Seleka forces targeted some communities to quell resistance and to pillage. During these attacks, the Seleka forces were shooting at civilians randomly, Human Rights Watch found.” (Human Rights Watch