Top of the Morning: USAID Launches LGBT Global Development Partnership; A Deadly Month in Iraq

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USAID Launches LGBT Global Development Partnership

USAID is partnering with a number of public and private organizations to integrate LGBT issues to a development agenda. “The LGBT Global Development Partnership is the largest initiative in the world to further LGBT equality in developing and emerging market countries. It works to strengthen LGBT civil society organizations, enhance LGBT participation in democratic processes and undertake research on the economic impact of LGBT discrimination.” (Impact Blog

March Was the Cruelest Month: Iraq Edition

The UN is reporting increasing terrorist violence in Iraq. “According to UNAMI, at least 229 civilians were killed and a further 853 were wounded in acts of terrorism and armed violence in Iraq during March. A further 227 members of the Iraqi security forces were killed and 300 were wounded as a result of such attacks. Iraq continues to suffer from attacks perpetrated by a number of terrorist groups, among them Al-Qaida in Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq…Violence in recent weeks has also affected the run-up to the local elections, which will be held across the country on 20 April. Attacks have reportedly killed at least 10 candidates.” (UN News Centre