Top Twitter Users from the World of Diplomacy and International Organizations

Allow me to re-introduce the stars of DiploTweets.  You may have noticed that we’ve revamped our DiploTweets feature on the right side-bar of the home page and interior pages.  As the name suggests, these are (English language) Twitter feeds from some of the world’s top diplomats and their new media mavens.  Also included are feeds from the extended family of international and inter-governmental institutions.   

This is not a comprehensive list of every DiploTweeter or UN agency out there. But it is a good starting point!  Who am I missing?  Send us a Tweet @undispatch


The DiploTweeters

@SecGen: The official feed of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Not from Ban Ki Moon himself. A Twitter account that posts timely updates of Ban’s whereabouts and meetings that is parsed from his public schedule. 

@Dmiliband: UK Foreign Secretary. One of the very first diplomats to personally embrace blogging, twitter and social media. Tweeting furiously ahead of the UK elections. 

@AndersFoghR: Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The former Prime Minister of Denmark and current Secretary General of NATO.  Jogger.

@DannyAyalon: The Deputy foreign Minister of Israel. Formerly the Israeli Ambassador to the United States. 

@Ambassadorrice: Susan Rice, United States Ambassador to the UN. 

@shashitharoor: Former UN Under-Secretary General. Indian politician. (Though this happened recently). The most prolific twitter user on the sub-continent. 

@rogozin: Russian Ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin. Arguably the most sarcastic DiploTweeter out there. 

@usmariaotero: Maria Oterio. The Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs.  She’s a G.

@kateAtState: Katie Jacobs Stanton, State Department Twitterer-extraordinaire.

@melissarflemming:  The spokesperson for the High Commissioner of the UN Refugee Agency. Posts updates from the field.  

@UKinUSA: The British Embassy in Washington, DC. 

@Jeffdsachs: Jeffrey Sachs. The economist and Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on the Millennium Development Goals. 

@USEmbassyHaiti: Updates on Haiti reconstruction efforts from the American embassy in Port au Prince.

@USMissionGeneva:  US Representation to the Geneva-based UN offices like the Human Rights Council and other international organizations, like the WTO.


The United Nations and Extended Family

@UN:  Offical tweets from the the mothership. 

@UNDP:  The UN Development Program.  It’s the UN agency that oversees the anti-poverty economic and social development work of the UN system. Responsible for producing the the annual Human Development Report.

@UNIFEM: The UN Development Fund for Women.  Posts frequent updates on challenges facing women world wide with a focus on gender and justice news from the developing world.  

@UNFoundation: Not a UN body. But a non-profit founded by Ted Turner that supports the work of the UN. (And supports this blog.)   

@mcampaign:  The UN Millennium Campaign. The advocacy arm for the Millennium Development Goals.

@mineaction: The United Nations Mine Action Service. Supports humanitarian de-mining efforts in conflict zones. Brave people. 

@davos: The World Economic Forum.  Not a UN body, but its meeting in Davos, Switzerland is attended by the who’s-who of international relations and global finance. 

@UNAIDS: The Joint UN Program on HIV/AIDS. 

@UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency.

@UNODC: The UN Office on Drugs and Crime. 

@iaeaorg: The International Atomic Energy Agency. 

@IMFnews: The International Monetary Fund.

@WorldBankNews:  The World Bank.

@OECD_Centre: The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.  A Paris-based inter-governmental body that works on anti-poverty issues. 

@UN_ClimateTalks: The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UFCCC). The group responsible for international climate change negotiations. 

@ILOCrisisWatch: The International Labor Organization’s posts on how the global economic crisis.