Top Twitter Users to Follow for #SudanRevolts

Ed note.  Today is a big day of protests in Sudan — the so-called Elbow Licking Protests, (hashtag #ElbowLickingFriday). Tomorrow is the 23rd anniversary of the military coup that brought Omar al Bashir to power, which is expected to be greeted with even more protests and perhaps a general strike.

Carol wrote this excellent post three days ago that a lot of you have found very useful. I though it would be useful to repost, considering the events of today and tomorrow — Mark 

There are a lot of really great Sudanese people on Twitter that are tweeting about #SudanRevolts right now, and the following list is far from exhaustive. I know there are many excellent accounts I’m leaving out. (Feel free to suggest more in the comments section.)

However, these are some accounts that I highly recommend following to keep up with what’s going on, followed by their Twitter bios:

@Girifna: The media account of the organization GIRIFNA.

@khalidalbaih: “A self-proclaimed artist, political cartoonist, illustrator, designer and a dislcsic writer from the two countries of The Sudan. RTs aren’t endorsement.”

@SudaneseThinker: “Leading Snarky Sudanese Blogger Turned Writer, Digital Activist, and Social Entrepreneur. Fan of Science. Sufi Hippie. Thinking Aloud. Thinking Allowed.”

@ReemShawkat: “Sudanese journalist and environmentalist. I read , I write, I drink tea. صحفية سودانية بتحب الشاي والسياسة .. بغرد عشان الحاجات تبقى كويسه”

@MimzicalMimz: “#FreeUsamah – @simsimt”

@Namaa0009: “دنيا دبنقا…دردقوا بشيش.. Stop this Wretched War in #Sudan #Humanrights & #Politics #Sudan focus”

@BSonblast: “i can’t write a bio in 160 characters, that’s just ridiculous. Who does that!”

@his_moezness: “Sudanese blogger and political commentator. I tweet about Sudan. I’m the #SudaneseSuperman. Editor and co-founder of @500wordsmag”

@dalliasd: “I iz Sudanese, journo, manchester united, federer, politics, shoes. like someone said faves are bookmarks RTs mean nada #sudanrevolts”

@Arch_Asaad: “Sudanese Architect, hazardous, Revolutionary against Injustice,sports fan addict full joy when i CAD, Tech, Barca, Juve, Tea”

@HanaOsman: “Love Coffee. Reading. Travelling. Fashion. Art. Jazz. Food. Social Media. TED Talks. UAE. & #SudaneseTweeps :-).”

@Neo0rabie: “Proud Sudanese, Egyptian & American.”

@elzubeir: “Secular humanist, loving husband, proud dad, computer geek, casual blogger.. But mostly, I love numbers. Oh, and I run @Mediastow.”

@cordoned: “Today, I’m just a Sudanese taking part in overthrowing the vicious Sudan Government. RT≠endorsement”

@AymanElkhidir: “Sudanese. Born and raised in UAE. Electric engineer turned social marketer. Passionate about photography and Real Madrid. Will tweet for food.”

@WadiHalfaBoy: “#SudanRevolts #jimihendrix #Marxist #sudan #السودان_ينتفض”

@Usiful_ME: Sudanese tweeting from Khartoum


@JamilaElGizuli: “I’m Russo-Sudanese, a daughter/sister & a doctorate student of CP. All of us have a passionate devotion to tango.”

@SudanChangeNow: “A Sudanese political movement established in 2010 by different young activists working for peaceful democratic change of the dictatorship in Sudan.”

@kumboya: “average sudanese, beginner writer, dreaming of new and better sudan, if u gona judge me dnt follow me”

There is much concern for missing activists, such as @simsimt, @BoshiAlim, and others. Egyptian journalist @S_Elwardany has just been deported from Sudan for refusing to stop covering the protests. @JamesCopnall of the BBC (tweeting in personal capacity) has been covering the story consistently.

For those interested in more, I have curated a list on Twitter over the last year or so on all things Sudan.

Rodrigo Davies has set up a Storify of #SudanRevolts in pictures, here, and the Sudanese Twitterati has set up the #SudanRevolts blog.

@SudaneseThinker tweeted today that on Friday June 29, there will be a concerted effort to dedicate an hour of tweeting to #SudanRevolts, at 9 AM EST/4 PM Khartoum time.

And, of course, to catch it all, follow the #SudanRevolts hashtag.