Credit: Anthony Citrano

Trump’s First Foreign Trip Will Take Him to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe. Here’s What You Need to Know

As I’m typing, the White House is busy doing damage control over news that Donald Trump revealed sensitive information to the Russians when he met wth the Russian ambassador and foreign minister the day after he fired the FBI director. BUT AT THE SAME TIME the White House is also preparing for Trump’s first foreign trip as president.

The first stop is Saudi Arabia, followed by Israel and then to Europe, including to Brussels for a NATO summit.

On the line with me to discuss the strategic and political implications of this trip is Dave DesRoches, an associate professor at National Defense University. We discuss the significance of choosing Saudi Arabia as Trump’s first foreign destination and what is on the agenda during that visit. On Israel, we discuss the lingering question over the location of the United States embassy and what potential consequences around the world could result from a decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem; and finally we discuss what to expect from the NATO summit.

This episode is short but sweet–and a good overview of the key issues on the agenda during Trump’s first foreign foray.

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