Turkey to raise Uighur issue at Security Council?

The violence between ethnic Uighurs and Han Chinese that Alanna has blogged about may find its way to the Security Council. Via Ambassador at Large:

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced today at a Gulf Cooperation Council meeting that he wants the issue of violence in Xinjiang discussed at the Security Council.

The Turks, currently non-permanent members of the Council and serving as President of the Council for the month of July, are usually reticent of [sic] bringing issues of internal ethnic unrest within states to the Council because of their domestic issues with the Kurds.

Erdogan may want to bring the matter up because many Turks see Uighurs as Turkic-speaking cousins, but the violence does happen to be occurring during Turkish presidency of the Council. And it’s a good sign if countries are willing to talk about issues as they exist, without fearing the implications for “their own” similar issues, such as the status of Turkish Kurds, which should be addressed, but in its own different forum.

At any rate, don’t expect the Chinese, who of course wield a veto, to be too keen to discuss the matter.