UN Anti-Racism Conference. “Let’s Fight Racism”

Though it did not grab any headlines during UN Week, last Thursday the United Nation headquarters in New York hosted the “High Level Meeting on the 10th Anniversary of the Durban Declaration and Program of Action.” In human English, this means that several top ranking officials from around the world held a conference on fighting racism, timed to coincide with the first such conference which occurred in Durban in 2001.  That 2001 confab was something of a notorious event — at the Durban conference ten years ago, the American delegation walked out in protest of perceived anti-Semitic undertones. The United States has not rejoined any of the follow up meetings since.

You can read up on what transpired at this year’s racism conference here. But beyond the official statements, I think this new accompanying anti-racism campaign is visually interesting. It was launched at the UN last week and includes the following images and pictures. Check out Let’s Fight Racism to learn more.