UN Compound in Gaza Shelled

The headquarters of the UN refugee agency (UNRWA) in Gaza has been hit by Israeli strikes.


THREE Israeli tank shells have smashed into a United Nations compound in Gaza City, wounding three UN workers.

“Israeli tank shells fell inside the UNRWA complex in Gaza, injuring three of its employees,” spokesman Adnan Abu Hasna said.

One building was on fire, while other parts of the compound were damaged by shrapnel.

Secretary-General Ban is understandably upset, and Israeli Defense Minister Barak called the bombing a “grave mistake.” UNRWA is — illegitimately — a favorite target of some UN detractors, but even if they cannot support the UN’s efforts to care for over a million besieged Palestinians in Gaza, they surely cannot approve of bombing the building that has also become an emergency shelter for hundreds. Coupled with last week’s accidental Israeli strike on two well-marked UN schools, this latest mistake is yet another reason that securing a ceasefire in Gaza becomes more imperative by the day.

(image of UNRWA headquarters in Gaza)