SG speaks to the media. UN Photo/Mark Garten

UN Correspondent Chat, With Carole Landry of AFP

Today’s episode is the second installment of the new series “UN Correspondent Chat.” As the name suggests, this series includes wide ranging conversations with in-house reporters at the United Nations who discuss what is driving the agenda at Turtle Bay.

On the line today is Carole Landry, a veteran UN Correspondent with Agence France Presse (AFP.)

We float between topics that have been buzzing around UN in recent weeks including: how Brexit will impact diplomacy at the UN; some of the latest geopolitical intrigue at the Security Council; the ongoing Commission on the Status of Women conference; how the Secretary General has lived up to his pledge to have greater gender parity among senior staff at the UN; the latest on North Korea and more!

This new series is a great way to take the pulse of the UN and learn what is driving the diplomatic agenda at United Nations Headquarters in New York.  If you have twenty minutes and want to learn what is buzzing in Turtle Bay, have a listen


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