UN Dispatch Heading to Motor City

Quick programming note: I will be speaking on a panel about international responses to the Arab Spring tomorrow at Wayne State University Law school in Detroit, Michigan. The National Security Network is hosting.

Here’s my panel description:

Lunch Discussion
External Actors: Help or Hindrance
What Should be the Role of International Actors in the Transitions?

One remarkable aspect of the uprisings is that they are almost all completely indigenous in origin. What should be the role of other states and international organizations in states having cast off authoritarian regimes and those in which struggles are ongoing? Discussion will focus on the roles of the United States, the EU, the United Nations and the Arab League. The exception of Libya will be discussed. What accounts for the significant role played by outsiders in the Libya case but not in others? What are the lessons for countries in which reform struggles are ongoing, such as Syria and Bahrain?

•    Marc Lynch, George Washington University
•    Mark Goldberg, UN Dispatch

You can see the whole program here. The event is free and open to the public. Stop by and say hi!