UN Forum Urges End to Wall of Silence on Human Trafficking

First, watch this brief video on Russian efforts to stamp out human trafficking, from Russia Today

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Human Rights activists, UN Officials and delegates from member states met to pursue universal ratification of the UN’s anti-trafficking protocol. From Reuters

Human rights activists, entertainers and U.N. officials said on Wednesday a “wall of silence” surrounding many victims of human trafficking was frustrating efforts to stamp out the global scourge.

Speakers at the start of the first United Nations forum on human trafficking called for victims to be de-stigmatised and suspect businesses to be boycotted.

“The most effective way is to break the wall of silence around it,” Suzanne Mubarak, wife of Egypt’s president, told the assembly of 1,200 government and NGO representatives, lawmakers, business leaders and trafficking victims from 116 countries.

“A lot of people don’t want to know about it, a lot of them are in denial, a lot of people don’t frankly care,” British Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson told a news conference. “We can all do something by talking and communicating about it.”

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