UN GA Week; Funding for MDGs; SG on Myanmar; DRC Aid; Mali; Afghanistan; Next week at the UN

UN GA Week: In preparation for UN GA week, starting Monday, the SG noted today that one of his goals is to press world leaders “to live up to their commitments,” noting that such leaders need to do more for their people and put them at the center of their national priorities. This UN GA week will be one of the busiest ever, with over 120 world leaders in attendance and around 50 separate side events.

Funding for MDGs: The MDG Task Force Gap Report, released yesterday, notes that development assistance in 2011 fell to $133 billion, less than half the $300 billion needed annually to meet the goals set by world leaders in 2000, provoking fear that such funding gaps will hinder achievement of the goals by 2015.

SG on Myanmar: The SG met with Nobel laureate and pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi today, discussing Myanmar’s reconciliation efforts, and re-affirmed the commitment of the United Nations to helping the Asian nation. In a press stakeout with the two, the SG thanked her for her participation in the Education First Initiative, to be launched next week.

DRC Aid: WFP announced today that it has launched a new emergency operation for the next nine months which aims to assist some 1.2 million people in the DRC who have been affected by ongoing violence in the country.

Mali: After being briefed on the Sahel, including Mali, this morning, the SC reiterated its “grave concern” about the continuing deterioration of the security and humanitarian situation in northern Mali, urging rebel groups in the country to cut off all ties to terrorist elements.

Afghanistan: The SC was briefed on the situation in Afghanistan yesterday, both the military campaign and the security transition “on time and on track,” so that by 2014 Afghans can assume full responsibility for security in all of the country’s 34 provinces. Ambassador Rice’s remarks during the briefing reiterated both the UN and the US’s commitment to the Afghan transition. The SG also appointed Mark Bowden (UK) as his Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan today.  Mr. Bowden will also serve as Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator, formerly the same post for Somalia.

Next week at the UN: A full list of next week’s schedule can be found here.