UN offices in Afghanistan hit

 From the office of Kai Eide, the top UN official in Afghanistan:

 Last night at approximately 10.30pm the United Nations compound in the western province of Herat came under attack by anti-government elements. Seven rockets were fired with two rockets landing inside the compound. Thankfully no UN staff were harmed or otherwise injured in this attack and our offices remain open.

We condemn this deliberate attack against the United Nations in Afghanistan. United Nations staff are here to help Afghanistan’s most vulnerable communities. The impartiality of the work we do for the people of Afghanistan must be respected. We urge the Afghan authorities to make every effort to find the culprits behind this attack and hold them accountable.

The attack apparently only damaged a UNICEF vehicle and a generator to the compound.  But this does offer further evidence, if it was needed, that Afghan insurgents see value in attacking the United Nations.