UN Secretary General Candidate Conversations: Srgjan Kerim

My guest today Srgjan Kerim is a diplomat with the soul of an artist, who wants to become the next UN Secretary General. Karim is the former foreign minister of Macedonia, was an official in the Federal government of the former Yugoslavia and also served as president of the UN General Assembly back in 2007-8.

Portrait of Srgjan Kerim of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, President-elect of the 62nd session of the United Nations General .

He’s a self-described “citizen of the world.” He was born in Macedonia, but spent much of his formative years in Germany and has lived at various times all over the world. We discuss his unique upbringing, some of his academic work in development economics, and his experience during the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia.  And, not least, he discusses how to create gorgeous photographs using a blackberry device.

This conversation is part of the Global Dispatches podcast Secretary General candidate conversation series. Check out our episodes with Vesna Pusic and Danilo Turk. There will be more to come as this race to lead the United Nations unfolds.

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