UN Talk Radio Day: CNN’s Richard Roth

Continuing UN Talk Radio Day coverage…

Lionel from Air America and Marc Benier have now started broadcasting. Former Ambassador and UNA-USA President William Luers; Kevin Kennedy, Principal Officer of DPKO’s Africa Division; Francis Mead, from UN TV; and Victor Ortega from UNAIDS have run the gauntlet of interviews.

CNN’s Richard Roth just came in to shoot footage for a possible feature and immediately got into a conversation with Alan and Kerri; Roth videoed and Alan and Kerri broadcast live. Alan suggested that the U.S. should pull out of the UN and that the UN headquarters should be moved to France, which prodded the UN correspondent to ask why. Alan responded by saying that he doesn’t want any U.S. troops serving in blue helmets under foreign leadership. Roth then mentioned that no U.S. troops currently serve as UN peacekeepers. Alan then also said that he had issues with the UN’s efforts on disarmament. “I want [the U.S.] to be the superpower who has more guns than everyone else,” he said. Roth changed the subject, asking whether Alan and Kerri came here with an open mind and whether they learned anything. “We’re having a blast. We’re trying to educate the people here.” Kerri then interjected that her opinion differed from Alan’s. “My opinion is that the UN does some good, trying to create a foundation for peace,” Kerri said.