UN Talk Radio Day: UK Ambassador Sir Emyr Jones Perry


UK Ambassador Sir Emyr Jones Perry, a distinguished senior diplomat, just sat down with Alan and Kerri, and people noticed. There was a blog (UN Dispatch) covering a TV station (CNN) and a radio station (UN Radio) that were in turn covering a live radio show.

Alan immediately pressed Ambassador Perry on Iran. Ambassador Perry suggested that progress was slow, but that it is a difficult situation and “that there is no other option but global pressure.” He continued, “We have a carefully thought out strategy. We will maintain that strategy, and, if Iran doesn’t respond within the next couple weeks, we might respond with more sanctions.”

Alan then asked him about Darfur,asking why the UN isn’t involved. He responded by saying that the UN is involved in the Sudan, maintaining the north-south peace agreement and a huge humanitarian mission that has saved countless lives. “With all due respect, people are dying,” Alan said. Ambassador Perry again stressed that the UN had done quite a bit, “ending a 35-year civil war.” “The Sudan is much better today than it was 10 years ago,” Ambassador Perry said. He continued, “Don’t underestimate how difficult the situation is. If we had a wand we would have waved it a long time ago. We cannot invade Sudan.”

Alan then turned to Syria’s being elected the UN Disarmament Commission’s rapporteur. Ambassador Perry answered that “in a democratic organization this will happen. It was the wish of the majority and we have to accept it.” Ambassador Perry then followed the same theme that Ambassador Normandin had earlier, saying, “The advantage of the UN is that it’s global. Everyone belongs to it,” and we can exert pressure on any other nation through it. He also said that the rapporteur won’t single-handedly controlling the work of the Commission. The U.S. and the UK are committed to steering its mission.

The Ambassador finished by saying that the “UN does good. The UN does not harm. It doesn’t do enough good, but it’s absolutely indispensable.

Al Sharpton just walked in. Alan Colmes should be here soon.