UNAIDS Marks International Day Against Homophobia

Fact 1: “Of the 192 member states of the United Nations, 85 have laws that still criminalize homosexual behavior and, in some of these countries, conviction can even result in the death penalty.”

Fact 2: “At least 5-10% of HIV infections worldwide are estimated to occur through sex between men, though this figure varies considerably between countries and regions. Yet men who have sex with men continue to face discrimination from healthcare workers, other service providers, employers and the police. Discrimination prevents men who have sex with men from disclosing their sexual orientation, or reporting for HIV services.”

That comes from UNAIDS, which is marking International Day Against Homophobia.  Here is UNAIDS new executive director, Michele Sidibe of Sengal calling on countries to fight discrimination against homosexuals. 

Shortly after he was selected as director of UNAIDS,