UNESCO report offends social mores of anti-gay group

Fox News is scandal mongering a June UNESCO report titled International Guidelines on Sexuality Education: an evidence informed approach to effective sex, relationships, and HIV/STI Education.   The report is apparently offensive to social conservatives for a number of reasons, but Fox is highlighting the fact that it encourages educators to broach the topic of masturbation with 5-to-8 year-old children.  Specifically, the report says:

Learning Objectives for Level I (5-8).  Explain the concept of private parts of the body. Key Ideas:

Most children are curious about their bodies

It is natural to explore and touch parts of one’s own body

Bodies can feel good when touched

Touching and rubbing one’s genitals is called masturbation

Some people masturbate and some do not

Masturbation is not harmful, but should be done in private

This catches the ire of one Michelle Turner of “Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum.” This is a Maryland, USA based group that believes a “responsible curriculum” includes teaching that homosexuality can be “cured.”  In the Fox News report, Turner says, “At that age they should be learning about … the proper name of certain parts of their bodies, certainly not about masturbation.”    Fortunately, Turner’s curriculum advice was ignored for this report.