UNICEF-Sponsored Photo Exhibit by Children of Beslan

A hallway is filled with rubble at School No. 1
in Beslan. This photo was taken by Vano Vazagov, 17.

“BESLAN, Russia, 26 August 2005 – Photos taken by children from Beslan go on display in the town’s Cultural Centre today – the result of a photography and journalism workshop for the children organised by UNICEF (22-28 July). The exhibition, entitled Children Are the Most Precious Thing in the World, will run until 9 September.

Thirteen children aged 13 to 18 – five of whom were hostages during the siege of School No. 1 last September – took part in the workshop. They learned about photography and writing from UNICEF photographer Giacomo Pirozzi and journalist John Varoli before going out into Beslan to produce their own photos and stories.” [Read more]