UN’s Egeland Says Sudan Stops Him Going to Darfur

Some of the 8,000 to 10,000 people who have
gathered in West Darfur, have built basic
shelters to protect themselves from the sun,
the wind and the cold at night. ©UNHCR/L.Nassif

Reuters, RUMBEK, Sudan, April 3: “U.N. under-secretary for humanitarian affairs Jan Egeland said on Monday the Sudanese government barred him from visiting Darfur to prevent him seeing poor conditions there.

“I’ve been barred from going to south Darfur, west Darfur and also I have been told that I am not welcome in Khartoum,” Egeland told Reuters during a visit to southern Sudan.“I think it is because they (the Sudanese government) don’t want me to see how bad it is in Darfur,” he added.

Egeland, who is on an Africa tour that was meant to include a visit to Sudan’s troubled Darfur region and Sudanese refugees in neighbouring Chad, said civilians had been displaced due to recent violence near the Darfur rebel-held town of Gereida.”

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