Veteran Journalist Tom Nagorski Witnessed an Iconic Moment in News History (among many)

RR_NagorskiTom Nagorski is a longtime editor, reporter and producer for ABC news and is currently an executive vice president at the Asia Society

Tom’s career as a journalist spans some of the major world events of the last three decades, including the dissolution of the Soviet Union and its aftermath, the first Gulf War, the war in the Balkans, Somalia, the second Gulf War, and many many other events. We discuss what it was like reporting on these events and witnessing some world historic moments from behind the camera.

This is a wide ranging conversation with Tom telling some fascinating stories from his career.

We kick off discussing the diplomatic relevance of Yao Ming, who was recently nominated for the NBA Hall of Fame.

We end with a discussion of what it was like to watch as US marines stormed a beach in Mogadishu in 1992. This episode was famously caught on camera by American journalists waiting on the shore.  It was an iconic moment. Here’s a contemporaneous CNN report from the time.

Hear what it was like to witness this first hand as a journalist and other fascinating stories from a long career covering foreign affairs.

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